biggerthanME productions aim to generate dance, theatre, and multi-media inspired performance-art.


To create and establish educational packages, and workshops, thereby encouraging greater understanding of individuality and self-expression, through the medium of dance and music.

To explore the bond between music, movement, spoken-word, and song whilst seeking to push the boundaries of both form and format.

To produce contemporary works of art which stimulate the senses, raise political issues/awareness, entertain, inform and celebrate humanity...


biggerthanME create multi-media pieces that will invite debate, excite emotions, and inspire the mind.

Using mediums such as music, dance, film, photography, visual arts, spoken-word, poetry, and comedy to amplify 'the song' and 'the dance', we create thought provoking, visceral, contemporary, diverse work, for theatres and site specific venues.

In this way, through the idea of quality eclecticsm and collaboration, all our work will strive to be... biggerthanME



'where imagination, creativity and expression blossom: biggerthanME.'

Mike Scott-Harding and Gerrard Martin.