P A T T I E    S H O P   D I A R I E S

With Book, Lyrics, and Music by Mike Scott-Harding, Pattie Shop Diaries is that rare beast:

a contemporary urban musical told from a Black British perspective; relevant to both a fresh theatre-going demographic, and to those more familiar with musical theatre.


Pattie Shop Diaries tells the story of an Afro-Caribbean / British family living above, and running, a food outlet in Brixton, South London, in 2012. At the centre of it all is the matriarch, Adassa; a woman who has had to keep her own hopes and dreams at bay in order to run a Caribbean food establishment alongside her older brother, Seymour, and to raise her teenage twins, Lillian and Marcus.

Events - and Adassa's peace of mind - are thrown into chaos when an unexpected debt threatens the shop’s existence, at almost the exact time as the twins’ estranged father – and Adassa’s ex – (Zephaniah) returns after 6 years away. To add insult to injury, Lillan's diary itself threatens the very fabric of the family and the bond between us all.


Presenting a diverse cast and creative team, Pattie Shop Diaries aims to reflect contemporary urban diversity, and multiculturalism.

The piece’s 9 actors and minimum of five musicians (some of whom will be integrated into some acting scenes), recreate this sense of community.


Using original music in Soul, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Soca, and Pop styles, Pattie-shop diaries deals with complex societal issues such as ‘urban realignment’ (otherwise known as gentrification), cultural appropriation, knife-crime, mixed-heritage relationships, homophobia, television talent shows, and social-media, as well as more familiar themes such as social and sexual identity, and the danger of dreams deferred.

It also deals with sickle cell; an illness affecting the black community, for which there needs to be more awareness.

It deals with all these topics with style, humour, rhythm, and – if one fancies a good quality take-away – some truly memorable tunes.


                       'Pattie Shop Diaries – Come and Savour the Flavour.'




  • Deferred dreams

  • Intergenerational family dynamics 

  • Female empowerment

  • Sexual identity 

  • Mixed-heritage relationships 

  • Knife crime & bullying

  • Social-media gossip 

  • Sickle-cell awareness 

  • Urban gentrification 

  • Addiction

Target age:


  • 13+

Target audience:

  • Black British/Afro Caribbean community 

  • L.G.B.T. community 

  • Urban youth


Filmed by Rasconrad & Edited by biggerthanME


NOTE: The performers in this trailer, and any additional photos, are representing the show's characters, and are not the completed cast for Pattie Shop Diaries.

Selected Demos from PattieShop Diaries

Peas In A Pod


Written / produced

by Mike Scott-Harding

Sung by Paul Hazel &

Noreen Stewart

Gyal Fi Chat


Written / produced

by Mike Scott-Harding

Sung by Angela Marie Hurst

Colour Me Black


Written / produced

by Mike Scott-Harding

Sung by Luke Wilson

Mama's Home


Written / produced

by Mike Scott-Harding

Sung by Elisabeth Troy

For A While


Written / produced

by Mike Scott-Harding

Sung by Paul Hazel + Richard Taylor Woods

Lessons I've Learned


Written / produced

by Mike Scott-Harding

Sung by Katie Lye + Reniece Thomas



Selected Gallery from Pattie Shop Diaries

Thanks to all those who have helped and contributed to the Pattie-shop diaries journey thus far, including: 

Iain Vince Gatt, Cheryl Martin, Anthea Lewis, Matt Newtion, Sherinne Anderson, Nataylia Roni, Sia Kpakiwa, Hamilton Sargent, Robert Finlayson, Dan Edwards, Charlie Ballard, Seby Ntege, Peter Bennie, Jonathan Cooper, Steve Gilbertson, Calum Callaghan, Kelechi Nwankwu, Mez, Noreen Stewart, Scarlette Douglas, Onur Orkut, Kevin Michael Reed, Harry Style, Coral Messam, Michael Stewart, Paul Hazel, Consuella Rolle, Seyi Omooba, Amarra Smith, Siam Hurlock, Luke Wilson, Ash Samuels, Steve Oliver, Shyko, Kevin Simpson, Morgan Simpson, Kevin Keating, Hugh Wooldridge, Paul Taylor-Mills, MMD, MTN, BEAM18, Albany Theatre, The Other Palace Theatre, Theatre Royal Stratfor East, Arts Council England, and Gerrard Martin.